Since setting tradesecrets up in 1996 we have worked for over 100 different clients in the Europe and the US. 80% of those clients has been corporate development and training. 10% has been entertainment and 10% education – We are currently engaged on our 13th piece of education work with our new client Airbus.

The challenge has been set, the bar has been raised and we are full steam ahead on the designing and implementation of a program which gives context to a beautiful new piece of sculpture and shares insight with connection to key stage learning for local schools. Elements such as wing design, areodynamics, fuel load, pressure fluctuations and engine mechanics are all in the mix and we have had to design an interactive training piece that has made this work accessible to young students at schools all over Bristol.

The work has been fascinating and we have spoken to many brilliant people in the process, engineers and artists alike and getting them to communicate with each other.

Luke Jerram was the sculptor who created the Aeolus – the sculpture that now sits at the entrance of the Airbus Filton site and is present as an investigation into acoustics and wind movement. We used this emblem at the heart of a workshop (with a little bit of added drama) designed to engage students in aspects or aerodynamics.

The program is designed to run at intermittent periods in the course of the year as part of Airbus’s brilliant outreach program to young students.

Please see Project X for other examples of our live interactive performance based work.

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