Here are some brief details of teams we have worked with in the past in this way:

1920’s Speakeasy Gangland Musical Experience

We were tasked with developing an original Christmas Party Experience for a company that we then went on to produce and open to the public.

The idea was to take people back in time to a place where fantasy, intrigue and a chance to re-invent and inhabit a new character was open to all who walked through our doors.

A show takes place each night. A show that seduces, stimulates and elevates the audience and leaves them wanting more…

Spatz’s Speakeasy…

A Classy Environment
A place of Great live Music
Scintillating dance numbers
Evoking a heady Atmosphere of a Gangland 1920’s New York club with an original and authentic story.
A setting inhabited by mischievous characters

From the moment the guests arrive at the venue…they are ushered into what appears to be a church. A Priest and Nun try and lead the congregation in Christmas Carolling. They minister with an air of desperation.

A couple of cops appear at the back of the room. They survey the room. They leave. An altar boy scuttles up the aisle and from the back of the church announces the cops have cleared the scene. The reredos rotates to reveal a line of waiters in crisp linen holding trays of champagne. The nuns whip off their wimples and start to get ready at tables doubling as their dressing room tables as they transform into the Dancing Girls in our show.

The guests are lead to a pass door. Their eyes meet the eyes of a bell boy. They have to share the code through the grate. – Once through the bellboy takes their coats. They are lead through the corridor at the back of what looks like the crypt and opens up to a huge cavernous but beautiful sparkling ballroom space.

The space is busy with waiters floating around the room moving drinks from the bar to the tables. The bar is generously stoked and manned and there is a pianist playing on the stage.

At a point, we fade to black and Mickey Spatz is introduced.

The show opens with “It don’t Mean a Thing”- A rumbustious first number that sets the tone for the evening.

A three act live interactive performance ensures which entails dancing girls, a singing competiton between Mickey and a Frank Sinatra crooning member of the audience and a stand off eventually broken up by invading police

Whatever the consequence of this octane- fuelled show the audience will also be lead to wanting to get up for themselves by such showstoppers as:

Minnie the Moocher
Mack the Knife
Me and My Shadow
Kick in the Head
Learn to Croon

And the show-stopping central tap number, Forget About the Boy.

Once the feud has been resolved all the audience will be invited to join in The Carioca and encouraged to continue dancing the night away accompanied by the mellifluous tones of Fingers Williams and his celebrated band of ex-cons.

Audience members talked about the show as being “one of the most extraordinary events they had witnessed….nuns, sailor boys, cops with guns and great dancing girls”