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Public Performance & Events

We draw a lot of our techniques and inspiration from our vast experience in the public performance arena. Through our work in this field, we have successfully engaged and inspired audiences in many unique performances spaces – from festivals and amphitheatres to museums and aircraft hangars.

People respond well to sensory experiences. We’re skilled in stimulating the five senses to help enhance creative thought. This ‘experiential’ work can have a profound effect on those participating, often turning around learned behaviours and patterns of thought and breathing fresh air into creative teams. Experiential performance and events can be an extremely powerful medium to work in especially when working with Brands.

Spatz’s Speakeasy – Live video of Christmas Party Experience

Insight to Project X for Teams and Leaders

Project X Murder Mystery to Solve

Project X Teaser Immersive Theatre Experience

Clients we have delivered work for or in partnership with have been:

Public Performance & Events Case Studies

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