What We Do

One-to-one coaching

Our one-to-one coaching focuses on motivation, work/life balance and aspiration. Our teaching synthesises diverse coaching techniques including Myers Briggs principles, NLP and performance dynamics such as the power of voice.

We have helped clients:
  • Develop their breathing to improve presentation style
  • Structure and articulate messages
  • Identify tone of voice and use intonation
  • Inject more energy into their performance
  • Learn to use words to increase their impact
  • Manage and organise their thoughts
  • Manage the needs of others
  • Understand their communication needs
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Approach motivational speaking
  • Approach and manage difficult conversations
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Build compelling pitches
  • Clients solve problems and complete tasks better than would otherwise have been the case
  • Enhance Personal Performance

We charge our one to one work out at an hourly rate.

What our clients say...

I worked with tradesecrets to help develop my style of performance and presentation in relation to a new job I was applying for as CEO. Their guidance was invaluable in securing the position. My high regard for their services is reflected in the fact I have now employed their services for coaching support within my organisation. I would recommend their thoughtful and dynamic services to any business that is interested in improving its results by enabling its staff to perform to their full potential.

Merlin HymanRegen SW

I really enjoyed having face to face time. A totally different experience. In our session, I realised that by doing the exercises we were discussing from previous sessions, they can make a significant change. They made me reflect more and made me more determined to include them in my daily life. Most importantly I understood that the key to success is definitely to take my time. When I am doing this it has an amazing impact on me, mostly on my sense of confidence.

Executive at COEO

The coaching was very different - a one-off - which had a value I expect to extend beyond the workplace.

Executive at Coutts/ RBS

Companies we have worked for providing this service have been

We have not included case studies of our coaching work as the nature of the work we deliver is confidential and we need to protect the detail of what work we have done here. Our coaching work along with our presentation skills training uses the online platform IMEUS to collate and deliver the training please see www.imeus.co