Our Story

People are the lifeblood of an organisation. If they aren’t treated with care and consideration, it simply can’t function.

In the past, corporate culture has forced people to fit to its mold, but todays world is a very different place. People are more empowered than ever and employers are looking to develop an employer brand as much as the external brand the world sees.

People’s aspirations and personal strengths are central to what we do. In our experience, individuals need to give themselves more credit for what they bring to their role and managers need teams to work with a sense of joined up self-responsibility. We believe that by bringing together the power of individual thought and joined up teamwork, we can help businesses to thrive.

We help people to step out of their comfort zone. To explore who they are and what they bring to an organisation. This is a very different kind of work to the one they’re used to. We encourage them to perform, engage, act, enjoy, gain insight and learn together.

This is the beauty of what we do. It’s extraordinary.

Trade Secrets have an uncanny knack at working in a very direct way with groups whilst paying close attention to individuals, genuinely helping them through one-on-one coaching to set and achieve personal development goals.