We were asked to “present” what we do and how we do what we do at a recent event hosted by the CIPD. A room full of industry professionals scrutinising what we do at close quarters. Alot of our teaching and training is about coping with performance pressure and dealing with the concept of being observed by client or peer – so if we can’t walk our talk what are we doing trading, selling our teaching.

Mel and I ran three exercises that bought to light how “tough” and sometimes “rigid” corporate messages can be bought to life with fun and humour. There is always the fear and resistance to “getting involved” and playing. But true to form as in alot of our work the moment people realise they can gain insight through what they are “enabled” to observe in each other the pressure of speaking out and doing is removed.

I recently was link’d into a brilliant TED talk by Brian Goldman www.ted.com many of you may well have seen it. he speaks out boldly and courageously against a practice that we all have a hunch may well be taking place. The detail is extraordinary – what drew me in was the moment he connects and understands the enablement that “change” can bring and by speaking out and identifying what words he needs to say and practice his considerable pressure is removed. May we all find the grace to spot those moments and have the same courage.

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