What We Do

Team Dynamics

How people interact at work and the strength of their relationships with one another is fundamental to business success. We tailor the format of team workshops around a group’s specific needs and issues.

Workshops are designed to:
  • Encourage and support debate around difficult issues
  • Acknowledge and understand people’s needs
  • Explore group dynamics and individual relationships
  • Develop a greater awareness of self responsibility and how that awareness connects to the whole team
  • Restart and refocus energy
  • Facilitate debate around sensitive workplace issues

Our packages:

Dragons Den – focuses on innovation as well as the team dynamic please see our Innovations Training page.
Storytelling and Sculpting – explores the ingredients of good improvising and develops creative thinking
Cooking a Banquet – putting a team under pressure to analyse performance. Getting food out on time cooked well for a waiting audience.
Building a Symphony Orchestra – visually and volubly demonstrating how a group of individuals can easily work in harmony The sound created becomes the evidence in and of itself.
Communications Training – Understanding, developing and sustaining personal strategies (based on personal strengths) to communicate, influence and ultimately to bond better with other team members.
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Case Study of a Team in Training

We have run work in this field for many clients including