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There is an innate power behind drama on film. A carefully scripted story, cleverly told, can often cut to the core of a thorny or sensitive issue within business.

Working with our clients we have crafted, scripted, directed filmed and edited televisual dramas. The mini films use professional actors and directors, sometimes featuring key members of the company as performers too.

The whole process of including the client in the creative development ensures the issues dealt with are on message and connect with the company audience.  Films are then shown either in instalments online or as part of a conference presentation.

Our actors, directors and technicians all work in the film industry and can quickly improvise, develop and script narratives that, when shared and viewed across internal platforms within the business, can enhance swift cultural change.

We have filmed mini drama series that dealt with team dynamics, inspired change and focused the spotlight on contentious and tricky issues. Working through the medium of TV we have found a way to apply the lightness of touch and subtlety needed to address complex problems.

If you are interested in sending a message of change or stimulating a new way of thinking within your organisation then please get in touch with us to start the process of writing your own mini TV series.

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