What We Do

Innovation Training

Innovation in business, making something original that facilitates breakthroughs, requires dynamism. There has to be a desire to create. Critical to a creative state of mind is immersion in the right environment. This is what we do at tradesecrets.

We have become experienced at creating environments that facilitate new ideas and thinking.

In the past, we created a ‘live’ Dragons Den for a number of different clients (complete with appropriate industry Dragons), TV Studios, Chemistry Labs, Swimming Pools, Kitchens and a Circus.  Staff have then entered these worlds, been challenged, inspired and immersed in ideas.

Innovation requires a lot of egg smashing, paint splattering and mud slinging. Where there are eggs, paint and mud there need to be clear kitchen surfaces, empty canvasses and available wall spaces!

We make all these possibilities a reality.

Look at our case studies, still frames and videos for these