Here are some brief details of teams we have worked with in the past in this way:

Third Bridge

We were contracted by the Senior Executive Management Team of what was then Cognolink, which working with us started the process to change the company name to become Third Bridge.

The day was designed and engineered around making the key players of the company feel proud of what they run and proud of how they work together as a team.

Another ambition was to envision and bring to life how the company was planning to grow and change.

Our overall aim for the day was that the insights shared should be subtly delivered and generate a sense of positivity and reward based on reflection over what has been built over the years.

We used various exercises and training vehicles to help each of the managers articulate and express their perspectives, hopes and desires for the company.

The work culminated in a huge painted canvass that each of the team members contributed to so that the articulated vision of the future could be tangibly seen and memorised so that moves could be made to start to execute the planned developmental changes.

Sam and his colleagues at TradeSecrets are very effective at bringing teams together and helping them uncover ways to collaborate more effectively. A day of training with TradeSecrets is useful, entertaining, and delivers great ROI.

Emmanuel TaharChief Executive Office at Third Bridge