Here are some brief details of teams we have worked with in the past in this way:


A meeting that was designed to explore the Pearson Personality Types of the team. The work focused on how we use our natural strengths to illicit and influence creative behaviour in other colleagues in our team.

For this, we ran some exploratory exercises both testing mental acuity and interpersonal leadership qualities. The dark and light side of personality would be heightened throughout this process.

For this we needed to create a stooge, a foil to work off and one of our facilitaotrs acted as staged agitator. Verity. Verity told the truth and was in essence very particular and regimented in her observations. Sometimes saying what needed to be heard and sometimes going too far.

Using the new language around individual personality type the group worked together to balance and defend against Verity.

The whole process helped highlight different layers of capability between account handlers, planners and creatives.


We were looking at the new design of a coffee machine.

We used the shared consciousness of the international team to get behind the psyche of an inanimate object. To give it a personality and to bring to life a cold hard lifeless brand by instilling characteristics so as to infuse it with a personality and effect and influence choices in design.

For this, we taught and used an aspect of Stanislavski’s method to help delegates re-invent aspects of the machine’s personality to be able to better articulate the design changes needed to bring the personality of the company’s coffee machine to life.

Givaudan Fine Fragrance

Our brief was:
  • To engage and inspire the group
  • To use the metaphor of the power of story to gain insight and perspective
  • To identify natural strengths in the group and identify one key practice target (post the session) that they can focus on for improvement and application in their performance/ communications going forward.
  • To connect to the reality of what they face on a day to day level. To listen to what they have to say and re-focus where necessary.

Using the metaphor of storytelling we explored what it meant to be an Inspirational Communicator.

Someone who breathes life into an idea, can influence the energy in the room and has the potential to change scenarios, ideas and concepts with the power of their words and thoughts.

We explored how we become Inspirational Communicators.

In our teaching all are potentially capable of being inspirational. It starts with identification of natural strengths and weaknesses and using the power and insight of both to orientate performance through regular practice and application. Inspirational Communication starts with conviction in belief and being able to articulately substantiate that belief. This is what our teaching delivers.

During the day’s work we delivered stories, presentations and performances that shone the light on aspects of technique and ability that were detailed and analysed.

We used source material (objects) that the team bought as inspiration for narrative ideas around essence and branding.

We gave the team a structure, framework and helped develop and individualised practice for them to develop and build their own stories to share with their clients.