What We Do

Communications Training

Who is an Inspirational Team Communicator (in our view)?

Someone who breathes life into an idea, can influence the energy in the room and has the potential to change scenarios, ideas and concepts with the power of their words and thoughts.

How do we become Inspirational Communicators?

In our teaching all are potentially capable of being inspirational. It starts with identification of natural strengths and weaknesses and using the power and insight of both to orientate performance through regular practice and application. Inspirational Communication starts with conviction in belief and being able to articulately substantiate that belief. This is what our teaching delivers.

The aim in our work in general
  • Deliver key messages more effectively
  • Influence people more powerfully
  • Engage people more skilfully.

We want to increase capability, impact and confidence, by helping indivduals to think and deliver more effectively.

Our overall approach

Truly effective communicators (i.e. people who change the way their audience thinks or behaves, no matter how large or small that audience is), tend to have two things in common:

  • They are flexible
  • And they’re in touch with their audience

Whether they’re preparing or delivering, they pay equal attention to their own performance and the audience response; indeed they recognise the link between the two, because if an audience isn’t responding in the way you want them to, you need to be flexible in your style of delivery.

To be aware of how your audience is responding, you need to think in a certain way; to be flexible, you need a strong set of skills: a wide range of capabilities.

Which is why at the heart of our approach to a programme of Communication Training there is joint focus on thinking more effectively and employing practical skills.


Throughout a day or two day’s training, (with 3 month gap for evaluation and assessment of task based learning) we run a series of rigorous, practical, thought- provoking skill-based sessions that will enable delegates to:

  • Deliver their message in a compelling, engaging, inspirational way creating impact, clarity and engagement
  • Build and maintain a positive impact on the audience
  • Keep control of the key message while adapting their style to suit audience needs

Through the above program of work individuals tangibly experience (and can record) steps of what it feels like to be in control of a group and begin to develop core key Leadership principles of sustained empathetic engagement.

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