Here are some brief details of teams we have worked with in the past in this way:


The brief details of the course

The course ran for a period of three years. Through that time we managed to work at an intensive level with around 500 people at Senior Management level throughout the organisation in London, Scotland and India.

Our program Brief and Detail was around Enhancing Performance, particularly dominated by and connected to the specifics demanded by standard sales presentations the group were expected to deliver on a regular basis.

What we found people were saying about the work.

In the main, they found the skills and techniques we shared as hugely insightful and helpful. Our work helped them look at their materiel from a new perspective, refreshing sometimes tired and hackneyed metaphors and illustrations in a new light. Helping them to re-invent the narrative in such a way that the message had a new direction and focus at the same time working within the guidelines as articulated by compliance.

The aim of the advanced stage of the work

Through the commitment to an ongoing and deeper level of training, we were able to reflect on some of the newly installed and practised techniques. IE delegates were able to share with us the benefit of their experience using their real-life examples of what they discovered in performance. This was supported by our online IMEUS platform.

Through this ongoing work, we were able to connect them fully to the process of ACTIVIST, REFLECTOR, THEORIST & PRAGMATIST.

We were also able to explore some of the questions connected to Personal Impact.

The language we can use, looking in more explicit detail at how we come across. How we sound, what we look like, how to match the energy of those we come into contact with.

Techniques that make us better able to handle difficult questions, conversations and ultimately learning how to handle public meetings better.

Some of the detail of what they were saying after the course:

“The work exceeded expectations as it was tailored to our needs more so than text book techniques”

“I was dreading getting up and speaking. As the day progressed I got amazing value from the sessions”

“The reality far exceeded what I was anticipating. This was one of the most productive days training in the last ten years.”

tradesecrets two day seminar on presentation skills and personal impact through story telling took my team from a group of good presenters to impassioned presenters. At a time when training budgets were being cut, supporting this initiative resulted in a dramatic increase in confidence and the ability to build much stronger connections with our customers. Unique and innovative, the approach gave the teams lessons to remember.

Matt FrostMarketing Director IFF (Fermenich)

What worked particularly well for me were the specific exercises – learning about empathetic thinking, breathing, giving feedback. I enjoyed every minute even the attempts at breathing differently. This has overall made me more aware of how to engage audiences not just with technical content but also intonation.

Jaqueline SwansonThe Prudential Presentation Skills Training course

My team and I have worked several times with Tradesecrets on a range of areas; creative leadership, talent development and presentation skills and I have been very impressed with their approach and professionalism, comments echoed by my team. As a multinational company with team members on several European sites there can be some cultural challenges with training, however it was very noticeable how quickly Tradesecrets managed to put everyone at ease and get them working through the training exercises and delivering key messages clearly and effectively.

Over the last 12 months and following several training sessions at group and individual level, my team and I have benefited enormously from the working with Tradesecrets. My team are more confident in themselves and they are much more at ease in presentation situations which has improved their effectiveness in their roles today.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tradesecrets to other organisation.

Keith MoffittMarketing Director Beverages Givaudan UK