What We Do

One-to-one coaching

Presentation skills & Impact training

In today’s world, PowerPoint presentations and handouts are a thing of the past, but not everyone knows how to adapt or find the right tools for the job. This is where we can add value. We run tailored workshops delivered by skilled coaches and specialists on presenting and running meetings.

We have helped clients:
  • Design more compelling presentations to engage audiences and have meaningful impact
  • Understand how to influence audience perception
  • Manage nervous symptoms
  • Understand how to tailor messages for diverse audiences

Presentation skills training often brings to light other thoughts, feelings and questions around our work and the need to do something we love.
Our dynamic one-to-one coaching is designed to help you deep dive into who you are, where your natural strengths and capabilities lie and what you’re passionate about.

IMEUS is our bespoke coaching platform. It’s designed to help you stay engaged with your developing presentation skills through an on-going programme of activity. Working with a coach, you identify trends and patterns and set personal challenges going forward. Visit the IMEUS site to find out more: www.imeus.co

We have run Presentation Skills Training Programs for The Prudential, Mediaedge, Givaudan, Shell

One day on-site presenation skills training programs are delivered from £1,200 depending on the numbers involved.

Our IMEUS training programs start from £499

Leadership Development

Today’s business leaders do a lot more than just lead. They need to hone diverse complex skills and understand how and when to bring them all together to great effect to drive business performance.

These skills include:
  • Showing initiative and being the driving force
  • Relationship building
  • Ability to develop strategic perspective
  • Communication skills

Our Leadership Training Courses are designed to be immersive interactive experiences. They offer leaders a great opportunity to spend time developing skills, role-play them and then putting them into practice, getting real-time feedback from expert facilitators.

Role Play

Role play is an effective development tool for the right issues and provides a great opportunity to actively and practically look at and develop interpersonal skills. We work closely with you to develop tailored role-play programmes that address specific issues and employ trained actor facilitators for larger internal training programmes or pre-designed sessions lead by our partner consultants.

Role play helps individuals to:
  • Identify key communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice doing and seeing things differently
  • Test out new ideas in a safe environment
  • See things from another person’s perspective
  • Reduce the gap between intended message and actual impact.
We offer:
  • Actor facilitators
  • Work to brief projects for larger internal international training
  • A flexible and tailored approach
  • Long term work planning
  • HR/Learning and Development training agendas and programmes

Companies we have worked for providing this service have been

Pitch Building

In our experiences, businesses spend too much time focusing on data in a pitch and not enough time focused on 3 key principles:

  1. What’s my message?
  2. How do I communicate this most effectively?
  3. Who are my audience and what are they expecting?

We work with you to help answer these questions so your pitches become focused and strategic.

Please note that we only charge when a pitch is successful.

Companies we have worked for providing this service have been

Team Dynamics

How people interact at work and the strength of their relationships with one another is fundamental to business success. We tailor the format of team workshops around a group’s specific needs and issues.

Workshops are designed to:
  • Encourage and support debate around difficult issues
  • Acknowledge and understand people’s needs
  • Explore group dynamics and individual relationships

Our packages:

Dragons Den – focuses on innovation
Storytelling and Sculpting – explores the ingredients of good improvising and develops creative thinking
Cooking a Banquet – putting a team under pressure to analyse performance. Getting food out on time cooked well for a waiting audience.
Building a Symphony Orchestra – visually and volubly demonstrating how a group of individuals can easily work in harmony The sound created becomes the evidence in and of itself.

We have run work in this field for many clients including

Corporate Training & Development

We’re experienced in designing and managing bespoke training and development for diverse business issues.

We offer:
  • Debate and facilitation around difficult issues
  • Inspiring and engaging live constructs
  • Practical, outcome-driven agendas
  • Real-time experience of pressurised situations with immediate feedback
  • Subtle, delicate handling of inter-personal affairs
  • Open forums geared towards a shared responsibility objective
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Team Meetings

Does your boardroom inspire you? A long table surrounded by comfortable chairs and four blank walls with just a tatty old white board or flip chart for company…

Ridiculously, it’s in these uninspiring spaces where teams are often asked to share ideas, brainstorm and come up with new, breakthrough thinking. But it doesn’t have to be this way. External perspective and a sprinkling of creativity add real value in these situations.

We regularly consult on how to get the best out of important team meetings or sessions involving idea sharing. Working with small and large-scale groups, we have developed a number of key exercises that stimulate thinking and encourage creativity, so team meetings have the power to transform rather than time waste.

Clients we have worked for in this way include

Conferences & Events

A corporate conference or event is usually designed around the need to deliver a new or progressive message that will inspire, motivate and get people behind an idea or thought. But corporate communication tends to follow a set formula built around PowerPoint, a key speaker delivering the message and a passive audience. This is a wasted opportunity.

For the past 18 years, we have been perfecting the art of inspiring, stimulating and exciting audiences with our unique, often unconventional approach to large-scale communication.

For us, a corporate conference or event is an opportunity to:
  • Inspire debate
  • Enable change
  • Bring background conversations into the open
  • Identify and agree key messages
  • Inspire a culture of inclusivity

We have helped deliver conferences for

Public Performance & Events

We draw a lot of our techniques and inspiration from our vast experience in the public performance arena. Through our work in this field, we have successfully engaged and inspired audiences in many unique performances spaces – from festivals and amphitheatres to museums and aircraft hangars.

People respond well to sensory experiences. We’re skilled in stimulating the five senses to help enhance creative thought. This ‘experiential’ work can have a profound effect on those participating, often turning around learned behaviours and patterns of thought and breathing fresh air into creative teams. Experiential performance and events can be an extremely powerful medium to work in especially when working with Brands.

Clients we have delivered work for or in partnership with have been:

Creativity in Business

Brands and agencies sometimes get weighed down with the business of running the day to day relationship with clients.


We are often asked to help develop thinking and design (through our unique exercises and performances) in a workshop format that supports the development of the overall vision that Brands offer their clients.

We have worked with:

Away Days

How well do you know your team or colleagues? Getting away from the familiarity of the workspace and taking time to talk and connect with others is hugely valuable.

There are lots of low-cost ways for organisations to get their people together socially, but actively getting out of the office during working hours can be hard to justify. That’s where our expertise comes in. We’re skilled at working with business leaders to design stimulating sessions that are rooted in clear business strategies with agreed objectives in mind.

The ripple effect of a carefully considered away day can mean greater positive feeling in the workplace, a more motivated workforce and a significant boost to group dynamics and business performance.

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