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Our approach

When we first came up with the idea the most adventurous companies were being (when it came to looking at the importance of team and knocking at the door of personal development) involved running around in woods shooting each other with coloured paint or abseiling down cliff faces.

Our work was first introduced against a backdrop of cynicsim and ignorance where the machismo of the office didn’t really allow for voices to be heard throughout the organisation, top to bottom. Training programs were the exclusive domain of the HR department and were being run without much thought or development in terms of meeting needs that had changed with the times, particualrly the advance of swift communication (the growth of internet and communications technology) where there was a significant fall out in understanding and awareness within teams.

Business needed some challenging and fresh ways to reflect on how change that was necessary to keep up with the changing times could be introduced. This is when the once divding doors between The Arts and Business started to open up.

Breakthrough thinking was required and where better to find this than through dramatic and expressive means. Businesses could start to see that The Arts could offer more then just eveninigs of song and dance at the odd special occaisions.

Similarly Arts organisations were having to stretch what they were offering as subsidy started to dwindle. There was a moment of synergy which organisations like ourselves started to capitalise on.

The tradesecrets approach has added value to countless companies they have worked with over the past ten years, through their unstinting and tireless determination to understand and playback the issues that really count in a way that is easy to connect to.

Through the way they work they get individuals to ask the questions "what part do I play in my Organisation and how do I connect what I can impart to the company as a whole?"