More on Project X and The Immersive Theatre Experience Leadership Training Program

The idea behind Project X was to create a theatrical experience heightening audience perception of the museum to emphasise its energy and thinking. As a consequence of seeing the show a new generation of visitors, have discovered, that the museum was much more than just a wonderful place for families with children and transport enthusiasts. Each weekend the museum continues to become a venue for people to meet, connect and exchange ideas and thinking through the moral dilemmas, dramatic debates and high-impact decisions the show facilitates.

Through Project X we introduced a new art form to the museum. Sitting alongside its exhibitions and fabulous design-savvy merchandise, Project X helps shift the audiences’ perspective of the museum. Embracing it's vast industrial interior, and set in the heart of Covent Garden, it introduces a high-tension, cutting edge world: a new future.

The work celebrates tradesecrets ongoing ambition and charge for both public and private performance where people are entertained, challenged and gain experience and insight from each other.

In regards to the corporate program, as a Leadership Training Initiative tradesecrets have started to work with it’s partner Extraordinary Leadership, building an intensive, on-site or away day, one and two day course for New Leaders to

"Practice and adopt personal change strategies and enact new-found behaviours and insights that they will take back into the workspace"

Click here to download a PDF of the Leadership Training Program, connected to the PX experience

The interactive, challenging nature of being part of an Immersive experience sits perfectly with the examination of key Leadership traits and principles…especially when the learning and reflection shared is housed in a rehearsal room. This setting provides the perfect opportunity to inhabit, play and explore in the Project X world, in order to work more proactively in the real world.

It has been an extremely exciting and exhilarating project and it continues to grow as a bespoke venture for both the general public and corporate audiences adapting to the needs of each client.

The whole project, with its highly skilled cast, has a flexibility that has proved exciting and stimulating. It continues to grow as a bespoke venture for both the general public (eg we can make custom made performances for clients e.g exclusive christmas party events) whilst working at a high level for corporate audiences - adapting to the needs of each client.

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