The Project X Story

We have become almost immune to the questions that are regularly asked in our daily newspapers:

What kind of world will we live in...

  • If the Euro does collapse?
  • If the banks fold?
  • If the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
  • If we allow the clever few to take the lead in politics without asking questions?

The story of Project X takes its reference from a lot of these what ifs.

In the year 2101 the world is different but not as altered as future envisioning encourages us to invent.

In our story:

  • Global Warming was never properly addressed and as a consequence habitats and societies were adversely affected.
  • The collapse of the Euro in the early part of the 21st century triggered a global depression lasting 15 years which lead to widespread poverty and the break down of societies.
  • Globalism slipped into reverse, economies continued to shrink and soon after, attitudes followed.
  • Borders closed, countries became increasingly insular, governments became increasingly authoritarian.

In the future world of Project X a system of government is in place called THE ADMINISTRATION.

A man called THE ECONOMIST designed a blue-print for a society that finally managed to bring stability to a previously precarious world. Though somewhat authoritarian by today's standards, this system revolutionised society and finally managed to bring calm to previously volatile markets and chaotic, unhappy lifestyles.

Whilst this was initially a revolutionary and highly successful system, those running it made the mistake of relaxing. Thinking they had managed to create a blueprint for future living, the key creators stepped back and allowed a junior minister called THE ADMINISTRATOR to take over the day to day running of things.

And things slowly changed...

Technology in 2101 has also advanced to the point where time travel between periods and alternate realities has become possible. Each time zone/reality has a portal, usually housed inconspicuously, with a guardian of the portal stationed who regulates the traffic between realities. THE ADMINISTRATOR made a radical decision to utilise this new technology in the control of illegal activity. He took convicted criminals and swept their minds of all memories. He then began shipping these undesirables from 2101 to different time zones where they can serve out their sentences without contaminating the pure world of 2101.

48 hours before our play begins THE ECONOMIST, a personal friend of THE ADMINISTRATOR, who had been working within the Administration, has been accused of a murder. He has subsequently been convicted and sentenced to the harsh time-zone of 1633.

However, he managed to dodge the intended destination for his incarceration by escaping to portal 2012, along with his partner in crime, THE PHYSICIST

They hoped to slip into obscurity but the CCTV world of 2012, although a little more archaic than the world of 2101, still has limited ways and means of keeping tabs on them.

THE ECONOMIST and THE PHYSICIST had to split up.

However, not before THE ECONOMIST managed to disable the 2012 portal and de-neutralise the fuel cells that operate it.

Both THE ECONOMIST and THE PHYSICIST have now vanished into the 2012 Covent Garden Underworld.

This is where our story starts.

THE ADMINISTRATOR, usually an icily calm man is irate.

His communication systems have been badly damaged by the portals destruction and he is also unable to send anyone back to 2012 to track down the escapees. He eventually manages to get a message, albeit broken, through to the guardian of the portal - THE PAROLE OFFICER. His only line of defence is to get hold of the criminals currently residing in 2012 who are due in for a parole board hearing (inside the useful cover of The London Transport Museum, the unsuspected location of the 2012 portal) and to blackmail them, forcing them to become his secret army.

When the audience arrive they are unaware of the fate that awaits them as they are checked in for their parole hearing by MISS CLAYMORE (the Parole Sentry) and then marched through the museum to meet THE PAROLE OFFICER and the subsequent mission that awaits them...

Throughout the ensuing process some deep, dark and mysterious truths are revealed around the realities of time travel, the dynamic and proclivities of those in authority, and the beauty of how the human spirit (the audience) will continually strive to know and live the truth despite setbacks of time and fortune.

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