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Insight into Project X London Transport Museum

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Project X

An Immersive theatrical experience

How did Project X start?

In December 2010 The London Transport Museum asked tradesecrets to help them to bring in a new audience. We needed to try to attract 20 to 40 something's who might never have been to the museum before. The result was not museum theatre. It was innovative, stand alone, site specific theatre at it's best. The result was Project X.

Since opening, the show has played to over 4,000 people and won amazing plaudits (see "press"). Most importantly Project X has been nominated for an Off West End Theatre Award (along with The National and The Gate theatres) in the TBC category, which celebrates the best in site specific and alternative theatre.

What is Project X?

Project X is set in a period when time travel has become a reality and where the future is governed by a dictatorship. The show is part murder mystery, part treasure hunt, part ‘Krypton Factor’.

The audience has to join forces and become a team. They very quickly discover they are on a mission to help or hinder (their choice) the characters, they take centre stage as the main players. The scenes take place in covert locations; within the museum, on the streets of Covent Garden and in secret coffee shops and bars in the area. Nothing is what it seems… There are surprises at every turn.

We hope that the detail on our site will allow you to explore this unique venture in more depth, through the blog on the concept, rehearsal process, story background and insights into the experience

What does Project X offer?

A potential new revenue stream, an acclaimed theatre experience and a unique training vehicle. Building on tradesecrets' 15 years of experience we created the show to work on 2 levels:

  • FIRSTLY: Pure performance and entertainment.
  • SECONDLY: As the centre of a bespoke, leadership training programme. The episodic, task-based stories in the show are a trainers gift.

The interactive nature of the performance is far more than 'fun'. It asks people to commit, to immerse themselves in the process and the world, and naturally forces everyone to influence, negotiate, think creatively and problem solve. It asks why you do or don't trust, why you should or should not act. Using this rich starting position we can then work on bringing out work-place parallels for 2013.

We will be running a Leadership Training taster course for potential sponsors in March 2013 and will be sending out course outlines with brochures at the beginning of January 2013.

Project X can live anywhere. It's designed to (change) be adaptable

The core story is locked down but the show can easily adapt to new venues.

So if you think you might want to house the project, if you think your institution would like to explore this idea further, if you are looking for some bleeding edge training... Then we would love to speak to you.

Project X. Expect the unexpected!

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