Rick Haythornthwaite talks about tradesecrets on telegraph.co.uk

Southbank chairman in harmony with business

Rick Haythornthwaite has always mixed business and the arts, he says. “And I’ve always taken on tough situations. If you go about changing organisations in a conventional way, it gets boring and is unlikely to work. You have to draw on all the resources and ideas you can.”

Rick Haythornthwaite talks about how tradesecrets helped him with his team-building exercises at Blue Circle.

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The tradesecrets feature in the Evening Standard

The name’s Bond, Jam’s Bond

Sam Bond shares more than a surname with Her Majesty’s most glamorous secret agent; like Ian Flemming’s 007, Sam lives a jet-set lifestyle, has an arsenal of gadgets at his disposal, and, when in London, wakes each morning in a glamorous apartment with a view to kill for.

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