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“I’m just dropping you a note to say thank you again to you and all your support team for a truly fantastic day on Friday! The team were still buzzing about the event yesterday and I had numerous visits from people keen to share their excitement about the day and to say how much they loved it and got out of it. I feel we definitely achieved what we set out to and I am very confident that we are starting to build the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ we are looking for.”

Natalie Bentley, Beverage Innovation Manager, Nestle UK


tradesecrets delivers a number of different workshop formats which use different mediums to address and facilitate debate around a variety of issues that might otherwise be difficult to discuss and share in a corporate environment.

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The formats we work in include:

The Experience Workshop - The Dragon’s Den
We have taken several different corporate groups into the T.V. envrionment of The Dragon’s Den and put them through their paces creating a bespoke TV show, testing and developing their ability to improvise in performance and infusing their entrepreneurial spirit to make break through ideas for their company live. The participants experienced first hand how to deal with the stress and tension of a live performance environment and were given coaching and feedback through the process of ideation and presentation by trained coaches and senior marketing executives to help develop and enhance their improvisational skill
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The Classic Workshop
The classic workshop is designed and developed around the needs of each individual team we work with. It explores the dynamic and layers of integration that exist within groups using a set of exercises and interactive games as a basis for debate on the elements that work well within the group and the areas that could be better enhanced.
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The Storytelling Workshop
By using such a traditional format of communication we help get back to the basic essence behind any corporate message and look at how that essence is being communicated through the power of story.
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The Percussion Workshop
Helps look at the individual’s role in the whole and what part they play for the ongoing success of the group – a classic way to look at team building.
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The Cooking Workshop
Explores the subtleties of individual taste and what the differences between us might mean when combining or working with others connected to the shared business objectives.
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The Art Workshop
A chance to explore, develop and enhance the creative instinct in all. A particularly useful way of working when trying to define new ways of thinking for the group or company direction.
The Essence Workshop
Understanding and exploring personal preference. Used when trying to get others in the group to see that we are not all the same and that we each contribute different strengths to the whole.
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Examples of companies we have applied our workshop formats to:

Classic Workshop –¬†articulating new requirements within changing job descriptions.
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Percussion Workshop – Leadership and Team issues.
Cooking Workshop – Celebrating and articulating the value of the brand to the client and also looking at new variations for how the product might be developed and changed.
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Sensory Workshop – Bringing brand to life through stimulating the senses.
MEC Global
Storytelling Workshop – Helping develop communication skills to be better visionaries when communicating with clients.