Role Playing:

tradesecrets also runs and directs role-playing formats within training and development programs for distinct purposes and outcomes.

Experiential Learning

Role-play is an opportunity to practise. It provides first hand experience of how changes in personal style and communicative preference can create very different and positive outcomes.

Honest Feedback

Seeing things from another’s perspective is invaluable in terms of learning techniques and new modes of communicating. Role-play provides a delegate with instant feedback on the actual impact of their behaviour and style. It provides essential data and helps people to narrow the gap between intended message and actual impact

Years of Experience

tradesecrets have been delivering role-playing programs for several years now. We are skilled in understanding the corporate environment, getting behind a specific brief and are extremely experienced in improvising around work-based issues to offer a bespoke training that is focused, challenging and relevant. We create a safe environment in which trained facilitative professionals help delegates to understand how they are ‘coming across’ and what they need to do to be even more effective and influential.

Realistic and Relevant

Research is very important to all the work we do-It is critical that we understand the issues a company faces. We aim to create a realistic interaction for all those taking part. The training should have relevance to the actual workplace and encourage positive changes that can be instantly adopted and successfully measured in the ‘real world’. As such any initial design of a program involves development time with the client to develop a thorough understanding of the environment we will be working in.

Specific and Particular

We deliver work for varying groups of individuals and have designed programs that run over several months with work-plans and recommendations for improvement connected in to HR and Learning and Development training agendas and programs.


Our clients that we have run this mode of training and development with have included Unilever, British Airways, Orange, Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Scotland to name but a few. We can provide you with testimonials should you require them.