Residential courses:

To really get to the heart of what counts it is sometimes good to get away from it all. To be somewhere beautiful. A backdrop where better thoughts are made.

Courses are always written, devised and developed in conjunction with the needs of the client and the results discovered from the research.

They are all run in either France, Italy or Spain and are always about matching the demands of the group we are working with.

Examples of the work


We worked with a fragrance company that were looking at how they pitched their ideas to a major client of theirs. We helped them turn the thinking on it’s head and got them to think about their brand through working in a different medium - cooking. The art of making Terrines and Tagines - all the flavours, spices and methods of blending, layering and forming need to be understood to get to the essence of understanding of what made the food so distinctive. Observations were made business parallels and insights detailed and feedback on the thinking to develop was shared.


Enterprise IG - we took a company away to a chateau in the south of France where on arrival they had to find their room by identifying their footprint (a cast of which had been made back at the office). After the introductions The ghost of Moliere appeared to them in the trees, making a request - they needed to use the weekend to come up with a performance- a performance that showed their creative instinct and genius was still as fresh as their brochure maintained.

Using the spine of a campaign they were currently engaged on for a client they pulled together a performance that not only stunned themselves and the client but the ghost of Moliere as well.

This process allowed them to identify the strong parts of their campaign and the ones that needed to be addressed.