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Legend of Nina Bettle>

Parties and events:

The corporate world of entertainment tends to play safe, detailed but safe. The first questions on the rider are Chicken or Lamb? Wine on the table or served?

A choice of three deserts? When does the live music kick in? What about speeches will they be supported by back or front projection?

Our parties and events not only think about the food, drink, lights and the disco afterwards but also strives to give a subtle context that has meaning and adds value to the all important company knees up. We aim to entertain, stimulate and excite through our unique and bespoke performances that also inject poignancy into the event.


Micky Spatz - we took people back in time to the 1930’s to an underground club - we created a story that the guests all became a willing part of - Dancing Girls, Cocktail Bar, Waiters in Navy suits, gangsters and police that got involved with each other as the racket was revealed.The focus throughout the evening was on the relationship between the guests and the performers and the choices they made.

For our organised events you pay the same but get something so much more stimulating.