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One to one:

tradesecrets has over the past 10 years developed an innovative one-to-one coaching program which is designed to help you develop your strengths as a communicator and to help you realise your natural capabilities. Our work equips you with effective and applicable skills and techniques to help better structure presentations and understand how to influence audience perception. Our programs (varying in length dependant on the needs of the individual) incorporate hourly to four hourly sessions.

Many people have questions around how well they communicate with others, both in a one-to-one and group situations.

They often ask questions such as:

  • “How do I create an impact?”
  • “How do I create and deliver a message that can be understood and is inspirational?”
  • “I am not a natural performer what do I do to improve how I come across?”
  • “How do I manage nervous symptoms such as sweaty palms and a dry throat which make me look, sound and feel nervous when I present?”

For others the questions are around the fundamentals of matching their interests, skills and desires with work that is purposeful and satisfying:

  • “I’m not sure of what I want out of my work, how do I work out what is best for me?”
  • “How do I manage expanding what I do so I remain interested in my work?”

If you have asked yourself any of these questions - and haven’t yet found the solution - you may like to consider our innovative one-to-one coaching which is designed to help you develop your natural strengths and realise your natural capabilities.

Where we begin

Our one-to-one work often starts with questions about presentaiton and leads to deeper coaching issues around motivation, balance and aspiration.

Each facilitator have a wide range of experience and understanding of the power of the voice and how to most effectively use it.

We base our teaching and insight on a variety of coaching techniques (involving Myers Briggs principles and NLP processes combined with an instinctual understanding of performance dynamic) in order to coach you.

The work requires application and practice. We know you’ll find the results groundbreaking.

Here are some key issues that clients have managed to understand and address.

  • How to develop their breathing in a way that enhances their presentation style
  • How to structure and articulate messages in a way that brings them to life
  • How to identify their unique tone of voice and how to vary their intonation to best effect
  • How to inject more energy into their performance
  • How their choice of words can enhance the impact of their work
  • How to manage and organise their thoughts for mutual benefit.

Here are some of the things clients have said about our work.

“Excellent one to one group learning with clear and precise instructions from two excellent facilitators”
“I liked the instruction on how to articulate my main points and how to influence what others were thinking about my material”
“I found the whole making my language match the expectations of my audience very hard to do but ultimately priceless when it came to encouraging others to subscribe to some of my ideas”
“After having had time to practice changing what sound I make and how to stress certain words in my sentences…it has helped me learn something about myself…I just thought I didn’t sound terribly good and there was nothing I could do about it…there is.”
“Learn to take time in delivery. Don’t push. Pause. Allow others to think for you and allow for the information I offer to sink in. The result? More impact”

We have run One to One Coaching for Credit Suisse, OFCOM, The Prudential and Unilever.