Meetings and group sessions:

A Boardroom table surrounded by comfortable chairs and four characterless walls, be it chic glass or plaster. in the corner sits The white board or two tatty flip charts with the remnants of last quarter’s figures on… sound familiar?

It’s in these environments that teams are often asked to share ideas, brainstorm and come up with new, breakthrough thinking. Hard.

We, as a company, often find ourselves consulting on how to encourage the best out of groups tasked with sharing ideas. We do this by facilitating certain key exercises that stimulate thinking.

We are able to help connect some of the thinking through our detailed research and ability to host, direct and facilitate. This can be with both small and large-scale groups.

An example of our work in this field.

Two creative agencies came together with their client, an oil company, to detail a strategy that would in some way articulate some of the key ambitions for the release of a new (Marketing?) campaign.

(despite working side by side, The two agencies had egos that needed massaging as well as demonstrating to the client that they were both capable of working together to deliver on brief.

Mix this with a Managing Director of the firm who had some pretty strong ideas of his own and the temperature in the room was pretty explosive.)

We introduced the meeting (a three day event) - tabled the debate - chaired the sessions - lifted the sometimes entrenched thinking off the table and put some of the thoughts into action by working with the group on it’s feet.

We Changed the environment and pulled together a creative diagram that all could understand and agree on in terms of moving forward.

Some companies we have worked with in this way include Chevron, Y&R, Detica and The Ministry of Defence.