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Large scale shows and conferences:

Often, the aim of the annual company conference is to deliver a new or revitalised message in a format that is more impactful than the previous year. It often involves calling others into action and needs to be delivered in a way that is genuine and honest even when the message is an unpopular one.

Relying on traditional corporate means of communicaiton whether that involves Powerpoint, or standing on stage like headmaster at the beginning of term or trying to stimulate a bit of group responsiveness through a round of applause can now be abandoned when engaging tradesecrets to be a part of the process.

We have spent the past 12 years provoking, stimulating and exciting audiences with our unique, sometimes unconventional, approach to large scale communication.

However, Our work is never about being unconventional for the sake of it. We we are always on message and our key strength is desiging and writing unique performances, and most importantly involving the audience thorughout the whole process.

Some examples of conferences we have been asked to design where we have turned the concept of “Conference” on it’s head.

McCann Erickson
How to communicate a new way of information sharing throughout the company - We set the conference in a constantly evolving garden with aspects of creativity represented by different charatcers that inhabited the space. Through this process the company built and still maintain a very effective intranet structure that allows them to communicate creatively across the globe.
Watch the McCann Erickson video
Vitality - A new brand phrase that they wanted to celebrate and get others to support - we made the audience build, be a part of and perform the phrase coming to life on a football pitch filmed by a helicopter. This higlighted for them the power of their brand proposition and was visually demonstrated to their clients.
Watch Unilever video
Media Conference
A company came to us wanting to bring the debate of modern technologies to the fore in a largely sceptical audience- we brought two supposed experts to debate the issues in which the presentaion descended into an argument. Through the live show we brought a complex subject into shared debate amongst the players in the company. creatively across the globe.
Watch the Media Conference slideshow
Blue Circle/Lefarge
The CEO wanted his people to be part of a conjoined push to reach certain fiancaial targets - we brought these imperatives to life as part of a percussion symphony that they had to play together in time despite the efforts of an egotistical monaichal outsider (an actor).
Watch the Blue Circle slideshow

We have also completed shows and conferences for Sainsbury’s, Freshfields, McKInsey’s, Bartle Bogle and Hegarty and Orange Telecommunications.