At times the call for our involvement will be purely about provoking thought from a different perspective.

This maybe a corporate message that needs to be brought to life in a way that garners support and interest within an organisation.

It may be about stimulating thought around how a certain process within an organisation could be changed for the better.

In this mode we look at the performance communicating the message. This is a subtler way of working and relies heavily on the experience and supply of professional performers from all disciplines.

Examples of where we have run experiences

Unilever asked us to communicate a key message to the company around the importance of investment in the Arts - we staged a dance at the Tate Modern that highlighted the importance of their sponsorship of this venue.

For a leading management consultancy firm we ran a series of training sessions that were dovetailed by a sensory trail trying to get the consultants to connect with the importance of empathetic responsiveness when it comes to dealing with the client.

As opposed to resurrecting Captain Birdseye for another Bird’s Eye Walls internal presentation event we brought Captain Neptune back to life to perform a movement piece backed by Craig David.