So it would seem the tweeting does not allow for much space to keep others updated as to what we are engaged in from month to month and after continual requests (and prompting from our fabulous website developers Dusted) we have decided to dedicate ourselves to keeping a blog live to keep all abreast of developments at tradesecrets.

As far as I understand it all it involves is a couple of hours a week or month depending on how busy we are. Happy to receive your feedback on how useful you find this and I aim for the updates to be shared amongst all of the players at tradesecrets from time to time.

Thanks as ever for your interest in our site and in us.

P.S. photo inserted with this details one of our Dragon’s Den events, a new one of which we are engaged on at the moment and more on that shortly.

Sam @ tradesecrets

Rehearsal with Dragon’s Prior to pitching session with Executives from Nestle

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